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10 Pieces of Career Success Advice No One Ever Told You


Will you keep these tips for success at work in mind?

Once you graduate and get a job, the most immediate concern is to succeed in your career. Because the world has become so competitive, doing your job well and advancing in your career is more important than ever. Promotion and career recognition are among the goals of every professional. But what distinguishes outstanding professionals? The answer is simply a willingness and a strong desire to do well. Once you have the will and the right mindset, you can start climbing the ladder.

Here are the top 10 success secrets for excelling at work.

  • Take the initiative
  • Be your own evaluator
  • Be willing to learn
  • Anticipate needs
  • Communicate well
  • Establish goals to achieve
  • Show, do not tell
  • Gain trust
  • Create solutions
  • Be compassionate

1. Take the initiative

Today’s job requirements are highly developed and require more than just a person capable of taking risks. In today’s competitive career landscape, employers are looking for people who can bring new ideas and take initiative, initiate new projects, propose new solutions and create new opportunities for the company.


2. Be your own evaluator

One of the best ways to achieve career success is to constantly evaluate your own performance. Don’t wait for the annual evaluation; do it yourself. Ideally, identify measurable goals and set a timetable for achieving them. Start setting short-term goals when you are new in a job. Create a detailed plan for achieving these goals. Break it down into weekly or even daily tasks and fill out a short form at the end of the week to assess where you are headed and whether you need to change your strategy. At some point you can also show your performance report to your managers to demonstrate your progress. This will show that you understand the importance of constant self-assessment and improvement.

3. Be ready to learn

To excel in your career, you must be willing to learn how to be a leader and accept constructive feedback. Regardless of the university you graduated from or the grades you earned, your professional life will be very different from your university life. Be prepared to be asked a million questions every day about what you are doing. It may take days to become familiar with the duties of your new job, so demonstrate to management that you are trainable, attentive and always willing to learn new things.

4. Anticipate needs

To succeed in your new job and achieve professional success, you will need to be very aware of the needs of your boss and your team. Anticipate your boss by asking yourself, “If I were my boss, what would I want done next? By making sure you get things done efficiently and on time and taking the initiative to do things yourself, you will show a positive and entrepreneurial attitude to managers.

5. Communicate well

Communication is critical to the success of an employee and an organization. If your boss has to ask you for a situation report, it means you are not doing everything you could be doing. The idea is to communicate proactively and let people know when one task has been completed, then move on to the next.

6. Set goals to achieve

Remember that you are not paid to “work hard” or “be busy.” At the end of the day, what matters to your employer is how you contribute to the achievement of the company’s goals and mission, both short-term and long-term. Therefore, keep in mind that you are paid to achieve clearly defined professional goals that have a significant impact on the company’s performance and its overall mission and vision. This goal-oriented mindset will help you achieve success in your career, regardless of your position on the company’s career ladder.

7. Show, don’t tell

The value of action far outweighs the value of words. Use this principle in your office relationships. Instead of bragging about what you can do and then failing to deliver on it, show management what you can do.

8. Gain confidence

This is one of the most important tips for ensuring success when starting a new job. Think about this: the sooner you earn your boss’s trust, the sooner he or she will have fewer things to worry about and thus more free time to focus on other pressing matters. If your boss considers you trustworthy, he or she will delegate tasks to you. Make sure you meet deadlines and keep your promises. It is essential, especially at the beginning of your relationship with your boss, that you keep every commitment you make, no matter how difficult it may seem.

9. Create solutions

Everyone can turn their own problems into those of their boss. Be solution providers, not problem creators. Great employees solve problems. If you do not have the authority to give the final verdict on a problem related to your job or department, be sure to offer solutions to your boss and try to help as much as you can, wholeheartedly.

10. Be compassionate

Being a good employee requires compassion and understanding that your boss and colleagues are doing their best. Throwing a tantrum does no one any good, nor does constantly complaining about the amount of work you are doing. After all, everyone does their share of the work for which they are paid.

Many of these traits and behaviors that can help you excel in your career are also found in great leaders. By keeping these 10 secrets to professional success in mind, you can set yourself on the path to true greatness and achieve your career goals.