6 Secrets That Will Keep Your Relationship Going Strong!


Here are 6 simple but effective strategies that will keep your love relationship going strong and ensure that it lasts for the long haul. (Number #6 Can do Magic)

1. Celebrate The Small Wins

What is relationship counselling?

Relationship counselling is a form of psychotherapy that aims to help people improve their relationships. Working with a therapist, couples can explore problems in their relationship, work on their communication, improve their interactions, and resolve conflicts.

The best way to guarantee that your relationship will last forever is to celebrate the little victories. Instead of ignoring the minor but important achievements and milestones you’ve made together as a couple, remember to celebrate them! Doing so will not only help keep your relationship fresh and exciting, but it will also make you and your partner feel more connected to one another.

Make it a priority to celebrate the small successes and achievements, whether it be a minor birthday, anniversary or another special milestone. Doing so will not only help keep your relationship exciting, but it will also help to inspire and motivate each other to push yourselves harder and further in the future.

2. Make Time For Each Other

Although Relationship therapy is often used to address problems, it can be helpful at any stage of a relationship. People in healthy, happy relationships may benefit from counselling to strengthen their communication and connection.

When should you seek Relationship counselling ?

Many people believe that couples counselling should only be sought when a separation or divorce is imminent. But this is often too little and too late. Relationship counselling should begin as soon as problems get in the way of your daily life. Here are some signs that you might benefit from a consultation

We all have hectic schedules that keep us constantly busy and running from one place to the next. If we’re lucky enough to have partners who are willing to accommodate us while we’re trying to make time to see each other, then there’s no excuse not to do so! However, while it’s absolutely imperative that we make time to spend with each other, we must also remember that time spent together must be quality time.

Spend your time together doing the things that you love to do and make it clear to your partner that you don’t want to spend all of your time talking and gossiping. Rather than engaging in the daily minutiae of your partner’s life, try to make a point of asking what they would like to do that day and make sure to attend to those requests. Likewise, try to make a point of asking your partner what they would like to do, while also making sure to take time to listen and pay attention to their suggestions.

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3. Be Honest And Communicate

You have problems expressing your feelings to each other
You have one or more irresolvable disagreements.
There is restraint, criticism or disdain in your interactions.
A stressful event has shaken up your daily life
You have problems making decisions together
Have experienced infidelity, addiction or abuse
You want a stronger relationship

Remember, there are no wrong reasons to seek couples counselling . Some couples start counselling right after they get married, even without any obvious problems, to lay a solid foundation and prevent serious problems from developing. Counsellors can help you communicate better, develop strong relationship skills and improve your family's happiness.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy and long-lasting relationship, being honest and communicating openly and honestly with your partner is one of the most important things that you can do.

Unfortunately, many couples often fail to do so, particularly those who are in new relationships where false intimacy and communication are often prioritized over the harsh realities. However, once you’ve been in a relationship for a while and your relationship has grown, you’ll find that it becomes much easier to talk openly and honestly with your partner without fear of reprisal or judgment.

4. Don’t Take Your Partner For Granted

How to find a relationship therapist

There are several professionals who can offer couples counseling , including clinical psychologists, registered marriage and family therapists, licensed counselors, and licensed clinical social workers. Remember, even if it says "marriage" on your title, you don't have to be married to benefit from couples counselling .

While we can’t expect our partners to be perfect all of the time, we can and should expect them to try their hardest to meet certain basic expectations. One of the most important expectations that you can have of the ones you love is that they make an effort to make time for you. While this expectation may feel like a given and something that is easy to take for granted, the truth is that it is much harder to receive than it is to give.

Be upfront and honest with your partner about this expectation, while also highlighting the fact that, if they make an effort to meet it, you’ll make an effort to meet their other expectations, such as being more attentive and responsive in your own way. Some people may find it helpful to keep a list of expectations that your partner has that you would like to see met, as well as your own expectations of your partner. This can allow you to keep things more organized and objective, as well as make it easier for you to keep track of your partner’s expectations.

5. Set Clear Expectations For The Future

Although most people's first impulse when looking for a relationship therapist is the Internet, asking for referrals from people they know may be a more effective way to start. If you live in an urban area, there are probably hundreds of qualified therapists and the choice can be overwhelming.

If you cannot find referrals from people you know, there are many other ways to find a qualified therapist, such as professional directories. You can also search for couples counseling online if that is more convenient for you and your partner.

One of the most effective and lasting ways that you can keep your partnership strong and thriving is to set clear expectations for the future. Whether it be regarding the sorts of things that you expect your partner to do for you, the sorts of things that you expect them to give to you, or the sorts of things that you expect them to refrain from doing, you should make it a point to put these expectations in writing.

This can be done in a number of ways, such as by creating a personal relationship contract, keeping a notebook on your laptop or mobile device, or even drafting a letter and having your partner sign it.

6. Keep your personal and professional lives separate

Take advantage of the free consultation that many therapists offer to potential new clients. This is a good time to find out if the therapist in question meets your needs, style and budget. The therapist-client relationship can affect your life in many profound ways, and you should make a wise choice.

Online relationship counseling
If traditional face-to-face therapy isn't working for you and your partner, online counseling can be a great option. There are several reasons why you might want to try online counseling:

You and your partner live in different places. This may be true for people in long-distance relationships or for those who are separated and considering a final divorce. Online counseling services allow both partners to participate even if they do not live together.

While it may feel like a bit of a cliche or common sense, the truth is that, when it comes to maintaining a healthy and thriving relationship, it is absolutely imperative that your personal and professional lives are kept separate. If you attempt to integrate your work life and home life, you’re more likely to compromise your personal morals and values and, if you attempt to integrate your work life and partner’s life, you’re more likely to compromise your professional skills and abilities.

It can be tempting to discuss your significant other with your family and friends and, while it’s important to keep your partner and your relationship a priority, it’s also important to keep your work life and your partner separate. By keeping your personal and professional lives separate, you’re more likely to come home tired and exhausted, rather than being excited and energetic about the things that you do. This can be extremely problematic, as it can easily lead to you making a number of poor decisions and choices, which can in turn, have a negative and detrimental effect on your relationship.