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6 Top Tips to Sell Your House During the Holidays


Selling your house during the holiday season can be difficult. The agent you choose to work with may suggest that you put your house for sale because “you’ll know the buyers are serious.” This may be the case in certain areas however remember it is the case that agents for real estate will always will want to put your house to be on the market regardless of the moment to sell or not. If your house isn’t listed being advertised, the agents do not have the chance to negotiate a deal. They may also be concerned that, should you choose to withdraw an offer during the holiday season it could be possible to be able to relist using an alternative agent at the beginning of the year.

However there are those who need to sell their homes during the holiday season and some buyers are left with no choice but to purchase an apartment during winter. If it’s better to put your house in the market is going to depend on the individual’s preference However, there are advantages and drawbacks that you must consider when you decide.

The most important takeaways

The Christmas season isn’t typically a profitable period to sell your home however, it can be to your advantage if you play it well.

Christmas decorations can hinder the appeal of your home for potential buyers.

If you are planning to decorate your home during the season of the Christmas, make certain not to overshadow or obscure the attractive and important features.

The Housing Market in the Christmas Season

The majority of home sales occur during winter. 1 It is natural, given that many people travel, bunkering in with relatives or celebrating holidays. Real realtors are conscious and may either fall out of the market or be more proactive in battling the current trend. If you decide to sell your house during the holidays, be sure to be aware that it’s an ‘buyer’s market’ which means that there are likely to be less offers for your property as opposed to other times of the year, and the prices could be less.

It is also important to note that although Christmas might be the most well-known celebration within the U.S., there are numerous others that adhere to rituals or customs of the church. If you’re hosting potential buyers in the holiday season it might be beneficial to know about various celebrations and traditions so that you are able to be an courteous seller or at least attentive when selling.

Pros and Pros and during the holidays


There is less than the competition of other retailers.

Eager buyers

There is more time to show

A less-busy agent


Low prices

It is more difficult to maintain your home’s appearance nice

A smaller number of buyers are looking

The holiday season slows lending

It is likely to be harder to locate an agent

Pros and Cons Explained

There are some potential disadvantages for keeping your home in the market during the season of Christmas. None of these will be applicable to you, but it is best to prepare for anything that can happen during the sale of your home during the holiday season and be surprise if none of these issues are relevant to you.

low offers Buyers who have never bought a home before without knowing better, may think you’re desperate. Buyers may be willing to negotiate, or even give you a low-ball price.

More difficult to keep your home looking nice: The holidays are the worst time to be feeling that you must be prepared for a house opening at any moment. It’s not everyone’s desire to maintain the home’s spic and clean when cooking wrapping gifts, cooking, or hosting parties. The outside curb appeal can be more difficult to attain during winter.

There are fewer buyers interested: You’re appealing to an incredibly small number of buyers with specific requirements that your house may not be able to meet.

Holidays cause slowdowns for lenders: It’s almost impossible to conclude a financing transaction in December if an offer is accepted in mid-December. Buyers looking to close before the new year will likely offer their services during January.

An agent may be difficult to find: Your agent might be away on holiday in December and may not be available when the market begins to enter the season of slowdown. Other professionals in real estate may not be available when you require they are, too.

Pros Explained

Some sellers want to leave their property for sale until the holiday season. It can be beneficial in some instances however, it depends on the local culture, what your is happening with neighbors and how other people in your neighborhood regard property activity during the holidays. Each town is unique.

Lower competition: Lower inventory levels during the holidays typically results in less competitors from sellers. You could benefit from the shortage of inventory available for sale during the holiday season.

Buyers who are eager: If someone is purchasing in winter months, it’s likely due to an abrupt change in their life like changing jobs or moving to a hospitalized family member. They’re likely motivated to complete the purchase in a hurry.

A longer window for showings: Many people take breaks during the holiday season So you might be able to schedule shows at times that aren’t busy than in the summer months which is when everyone is either working or away on vacation.

A less busy agent: Fewer homes to market gives your realtor more time to devote to selling your house. If your agent isn’t currently on vacation, they might have more time to make sure that you receive the highest deal for your home.

Removing the Holiday Decorations

If you choose to keep your house on the market but you want to sell it this is the time to cut back on the decorations. A lot of decorations can become overwhelming and distracting. Be careful not to fall into the trap of believing that customers are able to “see past it,” since they won’t.

Reducing decorations can allow your property to seem more open and help keep your paths free of clutter. As buyers walk into your house they should visualize putting their furniture into every room, creating their own home however they aren’t able to achieve that if your festive decorations dominate the scene. In addition, by avoiding the use of excessive personalization and family photos it will ensure your privacy when you host the home’s showing.

A common saying in the field of realtors can be “The eye buys.” This basically means that first impressions and the visual appeal can decide an interested buyer’s desire to purchase your house.

Holiday Decorating Compromises for Stubborn Sellers

It’s not necessary to completely put off decorating your home with the Christmas tree, menorah or other holiday decorations, but try to limit the decorations to the minimal amount. Here are some helpful tips for home sellers in the winter months who find themselves compelled of decorating for the holiday season:

Do not block or hide important selling points like staircases, fireplace mantels or stained-glass windows.

Cut down on your tree’s size should you be planning on buying one. Instead of a tree that is 10 feet you can decorate a table-top or a four-foot model.

Stack presented presents wrapped in one corner of the closet.

Avoid hanging banners and instead use plants instead, like rosemary or evergreen garlands.

Display centerpieces made of pinecones and other wintery natural objects.

Place a tray filled with sweets on the table alongside a set of festive napkins to serve guests.

Make apple cider that is spicy on the stove. Then place out serving cups and dishes.

Think about hiring a home staging professional to perform the seasonal house staging considering the needs of the prospective buyer.