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7 products you should not give your dog


Your furry friend needs your care and attention. Keep track of the food your pet eats. Not all products that are healthy for humans may also be healthy for dogs. Here is a list of foods that dogs should never eat.



Coconuts are full of beneficial components. But most of them are only healthy for people. Dogs should not be given coconuts because the amount of essential oils and potassium in them is very high. If the dog eats even a small coconut, it will suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. Large quantities are very toxic.


Do not give chocolate to dogs. Even small portions of this treat can kill your pet. Chocolate contains methylxanthines from cocoa. Darker varieties of chocolate contain even higher percentages of this compound. Keep your favorite dark, milk and even white chocolate away from your pet.



Alcohol, chocolate and coffee are some of the foods that contain methylxanthines. This chemical element is very toxic to dogs. Another downside is that coffee can disturb your dog’s sleep. Keep in mind that soft drinks also contain methylxanthines. Avoid giving your pet beverages containing caffeine.


Be careful and never give grapes to your dog. This delicious berry is highly toxic to dogs. It is not yet entirely clear what makes grapes so harmful, but it is known that if your dog eats grapes, it can cause kidney failure and death. It can take a couple of days before these terrible effects occur, so hurry to see your veterinarian if you think your dog may have eaten grapes.



We have already mentioned why chocolate and coffee are toxic to dogs. The same is true for alcohol. All three of these products contain methylxanthines. The chemicals in alcohol can cause seizures and stomach problems. If your dog has accidentally tried alcohol, take him to the vet as soon as possible.

Apple cores

Remember to remove apple cores after eating the fruit. Make sure your dog cannot reach them from the garbage can. Apple cores are harmful because of the large amount of cyanide contained in the seeds. This element causes serious respiratory problems.