7 Signs You Grew Up in a Toxic Family


2. You have difficulty with social interactions and trusting others.

When someone has grown up in a tense environment, surrounded by manipulation and other mental abuse, it leaves its mark on that person. Some parents may not have been able to provide their children with the support they needed, and in another case, someone may be living in a household where they feel they have to be on guard all the time. Later, it will be difficult to shake the feeling of having to be in this state constantly. Eventually, difficulties may develop in trusting and opening up to other people.

Attachment issues are difficult. By constantly seeing and experiencing physical and emotional abuse, mistreatment, and abandonment, they form their own image of relationships. They may not understand what a healthy, loving connection between people looks like. They always subconsciously expect everyone around them to overreact, be demanding, blame them for something, or let them down.