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9 Best Real Estate CRMs For 2022


As a professional in real estate You know that maintaining relationships with your present and past clients is the top priority. Building lasting, meaningful relationships is essential to establishing an effective and reliable real property business.

Building relationships requires time and energy. Sometimes it is overwhelming to ensure you’re providing, tracking and enhancing regular contact points with your clients.

This is an addition to the everyday work of drafting contracts, negotiating deals , and all the other tasks that go into making sure that your current transactions get to the final table.

Being a professional in the field of real estate is a delicate task. It can be difficult to find the time to handle all aspects of your business from lead generation to follow-up with your clients who are happy with your service and asking to solicit referrals is a daunting task.

Technology is there to assist. If you’re an individual real estate agent or working in a large firm, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system could be the answer to getting, maintaining and keeping customers.

Let’s look at how a CRM system can help you, and take an overview of the top 10 CRM systems that you can purchase for your company in the near future.

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer relationship management) (CRM) is an technology-based tool to manage company’s relationships. It includes communication with existing customers, prospective customers , and business partners. A well-designed CRM provides an integrated system to perform the daily tasks. It incorporates lead generation, marketing and follow-up on leads the performance of transactions and other aspects of running a business.

By keeping all customer and prospective information about customers in one place CRM helps you manage employees, customers, and transactions. CRM also lets you provide up-to date information about every aspect of your business to the entire staff.

In essence, a CRM is an electronic team member who oversees the operation of your company from beginning to the end. It functions as an administrator as well as a marketing professional and an operations director, as well as an operational coordinator all in one.

What is a CRM’s Function for real estate agents?

A CRM is designed to track your communications with clients so you can be able to focus on your communication with clients. Real estate agents enjoy interacting with other people. It’s an essential aspect of being skilled at what they do. Recalling every conversation you’ve held, when you experienced it, as well as the specifics is a challenge however, which is where CRM comes in.

CRMs are equipped with features that are built into them that let you concentrate on what you are good at creating relationships. They remove all the “busy work” so you can concentrate on the people aspect of your business.

Key Features Of Real Estate CRMs

The basic idea behind CRM software helps people working in the real estate business monitor client communications along with time management, as well as marketing campaign results.

Imagine a CRM system as your personal assistant, keeping customer contact information as well as documentation for scheduling appointments and meetings reminders, making notes of your daily tasks, and later putting the information into a database which displays your efficiency by way of leads or revenue.

This, in turn, allows you to manage your time in a more efficient and precise manner. In addition, CRM systems allow you to connect with potential clients throughout the whole home buying process.

With a simple integration to your company or personal phone, email, or even social media CRM systems can monitor client interactions and record important conversations that pertain to their progress through the home-buying process. It can also send out automated emails to customers.

You can also create reminders, calendar appointments or to-do lists that will send notifications to your mobile or email and keep you on track and reducing the possibility of being late for an open house or listing appointment the client.

The most attractive feature of a CRM system could be lead generation. It is possible to integrate the CRM software with listings such as an online multi-listing service (MLS) platform, or with websites from third parties, and automatically import listings to generate interest from clients.

Because the real estate industry relies on communication with clients and retention, having CRM software can improve your customer service and make you make yourself stand out from the other agencies.

How Do I Choose A Real Estate CRM?

The majority of CRM systems come with software for:

  • Client contact management: Contact lists, automated communication and customer experience
  • Scheduling: management of calendars and reminders
  • Integration and reports for lead generation: Access to MLS and other listing platforms

Some CRM systems could incorporate tracking of payments and commissions for agents which allows you to monitor the performance of your agents with respect to commissions. You can also grant clients to gain access via a customized protected, password-secured portal through which they can access shows, listings as well as the real estate agent.

Based on the size of your company budget, size, and requirements, you might realize that certain features of CRM systems can be beneficial but others aren’t used.

Remember that many CRM solutions are paid per user month basis, per month base, the lowest range ranging between $50 and $90, while the more expensive ranges between $200 and $300. Also, you’ll need to consider the implementation cost which is a one-time expense which syncs your devices at work (phone or email, social media, etc.)) with your CRM.

The 10 Top CRMs

When you start your search for the perfect CRM solution for your business You’ll be amazed by the variety of choices available. Armed with understanding of the ways in which a CRM system can help you and what features to be looking for when choosing a CRM system you could be able to discover a system quickly.

For those who are who are overwhelmed by the CRM system options, we’ve broken them down into the top 10 options below, along with brief reviews of important features of the software as well as who it’s best for, and its price basing on the reviews of Advice from Software Advice.

1. Apptivo

Apptivo is a set of software that handles the supply chain, financials as well as human resource management. It also offers lead management, contact management, and marketing functions. Apptivo is a great choice for small-sized businesses.

Starting price: $10 per month

2. Hubspot

Hubspot provides leads tracking and nurturing capabilities in its CRM. You can also track leads as they traverse the sales funnel right up to the purchase using their dashboard-like feature. Hubspot is an excellent CRM for businesses of any size.

Starting price: $50 per month


KvCORE declares itself to be a full real estate platform designed to meet the needs of modern brokerages and teams who want to streamline and expand their business. If integrates CRM with an agency-specific site. KvCORE is a great CRM for small-sized real estate companies.

Starting price: $499 per month

4. LionDesk

LionDesk can be designed towards building relationships, creating leads and nurturing leads and turning them into long-term clients. Its features include email storage, contacts as well as custom phone lines as well as text messaging, as well as pipeline-based revenue forecasting. LionDesk is an excellent product for small real estate companies.

Starting price: $25 per month

5. Market Leader

Market Leader is designed specifically to aid the real estate industry. Features include a dashboard multichannel campaigns, a content library and text-based email alerts. Market Leader lets you monitor the number of visitors to your website and track which websites they are interacting with. Market Leader is an excellent CRM tool for medium and large-sized real estate teams.

Starting price: $130 per month

6. Pipedrive

Pipedrive works like other CRMs, and provides an activity-based selling strategy that is designed to handle every interaction from a potential customer to the sale. Pipedrive is a great solution for medium and small-sized companies.

Starting price: $12.50 per month

7. Propertybase

Propertybase provides the capability handle leads as well as contacts through automated messages, just like other CRMs. Additionally photos, property listings and other details are able to be integrated into various multi-listing solutions (MLS). The Propertybase CRM is also compatible with other applications such as Dropbox, dotloop, BombBomb and DocuSign. Propertybase is a property CRM system that is suitable for real estate firms of any size.

Starting price: $79 per month

8. Streak For Real Estate

Streak assists businesses in managing campaigns for fundraising and projects via Gmail. Users will get task information automatically within their inboxes and go through the messages and find specific results with the help of the search function. Streak is a great CRM solution for all kinds of medium-sized companies.

Starting price: $49 per month

9. Total Brokerage

Total Brokerage is a CRM model specifically for the real-estate industry. It provides lead management marketing, accounting, management of transactions reporting, human resources reporting and onboarding of agents. Additionally, it has an auditing function and history function that is useful in ensuring compliance with real estate laws. Total Brokerage is an excellent system for CRMs for companies of any size.

Starting price: $299 per month

10. Wise Agent

Wise Agent is a specific real estate CRM that aids agents in automating the management of sales activity like leads, replies appointments, appointments and transactions. Wise Agent’s features include : contact management as well as lead automation websites for landing, appointments calendars and marketing modules that allow teams to design and create real estate brochures and newsletters. Wise Agent is an excellent CRM for single real estate agents as well as smaller teams of real estate agents.

Starting price: $29 per month


CRMs can be a great investment for your real estate business , by automating a lot of the work that you perform every day. Through constant interaction with your leads and customers These tools can expand your business by leaps and bounds. Check out the numerous choices available and select the one that is best suited to your particular real estate company.