Do You Have Joint Pain? These 5 Plants Will Definitely Help You


Inflammation as a cause of joint pain.

Although inflammation is the precursor to severe joint pain, this does not make it a completely negative bodily action. Inflammation commonly occurs as a natural response of the body to isolate compromised areas from healthy areas of the body; other times, it arises as an immune response to eliminate an externally-derived pathogen that enters our body.

Inflammation is sometimes good, just remember that the inflammation your muscles feel when you exercise, even if it is temporary, ends up benefiting your muscle fibers in the long run. However, we should be aware that inflammation caused by injury or disease such as arthritis will eventually become a problem that temporarily or permanently disables the movement of your fingers, hands or knees. The good news is that Japanese doctors, after more than 10 years of research, have managed to find 5 plants whose constituents can effectively relieve joint pain.

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